Refund Policy and Conditions of Sale

Thank you for shopping at Wood'n Things.  
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help.

Return and refund policies:

  • Regular priced items within 48 hours of transaction: 100% in store credit, OR a 95% refund (minimum $25 restocking fee).
  • Regular priced items after 48 hours of transaction: 90% in store credit, OR a 80% refund (minimum $25 restocking fee).
  • Discounted or consignment items: unfortunately we cannot accept returns.  All sales of this type are final.

There are real costs associated with providing superb sales assistance and returning an item to inventory, including the bookkeeping on both ends of a cancelled transaction.  We hope you understand.

Conditions of Sale:

Loading Materials

  • Often we can provide cardboard and nylon twine
  • We do not assume any liability for the use, fitness, performance, or misuse thereof any materials we have on hand to offer you.
  • Bring blankets and ratcheting strap tie downs for best results

Responsibility for furniture:  
Once loaded in or on your vehicle we will not be held liable for any damages.  It is your responsibility to be satisfied with the transportation of your item(s) before leaving. 

Storage of items:

  • Wood'n Things will not be liable for damages that occur to Items not picked up within 3 days of initial notification.  A storage fee of $2 per day per item begins on the fourth day after inital notification.  

Insufficient Funds Charge:  
An overdraft fee of $35 wil be assesses on any check with insufficient funds.

Please secure all cabinets, bookcases, case goods, etc. to the wall for safety.

Our receipt of monies paid implies your acceptance of all conditions of sale.

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