Our Story

Hello, we are Wood'n Things in Gretna, LA

Family owned and operated in Gretna since 1978, Wood'n Things is the largest unfinished and custom-built furniture in southern Louisiana. With more than 40,000 sq. ft. of inventory in the New Orleans area, we always have exactly what you need to add comfort and style to your home or office. Wood'n Things specializes in custom built furniture and custom finishing. We can match your existing piece or choose a creative finish from our selection. Louisiana built cypress swings, gliders, porch rockers, custom wall units, office furniture, dining rooms, bedrooms, bath cabinets, media centers, bookcases and more. Don't Make the Mistake of Buying Cheap Furniture Too many people buy the cheapest furniture possible without considering how soon it will wear out. After a couple of years, they find themselves back at the furniture store buying replacement furniture. It just makes sense to buy furniture that will last a lifetime.

45 Years of Experience

Time flies when you are having fun they say, and we enjoy serving Gretna and Greater New Orleans.

10,000+ Happy Customers

We offer fantastic home furnishings and go out of our way to do things right the first time.

What Makes Us Better?

We offer furniture that is MADE IN USA and our home furnishings pass through several hardworking American hands before it arrives at your home.

Why Buy From Wood'n Things?

When you support a locally owned family business like ours, you ensure that your dollars are spread back out into the local community.

Buy Local and Keep Our Greater New Orleans Community Thriving

We love serving the Gretna area and appreciate your choice to shop with us. By doing so you are supporting a locally owned business and our employees who live, work, and shop in the same community. It creates a circle of benefits for all of us who call Louisiana home.